Short notes of selected works 1979-96


Éra (1979)

Sandströms first orchestra piece, build around an Icaros-myth. Was first performed by Iceland S.O. Other performances: Swedish Radio S.O., Stockholm Ph. O., and Gothenburg S.O. at its tour to Edinborough and Tallinn.

Formant Mirrors (1980)

Built around a poem by Michelangelo. First performed by Oslo Ph. O. 1982. Other performances: TV-version 1985 by Esa-Pekka Salonen and Swedish Radio S.O., Iceland String Orchestra, Euterpe Ensemble.

En herrgårdssägen (A Manor Saga)(1987)

A romantic TV-ballet based on the Selma Lagerlöf novel. Second prize at Prix Italia.The ballet starts as the principal character Hede hears a theater company with a blind violin player outside his student room in Uppsala, how he for the first time meets his beloved Ingrids eyes (the blind violinists daughter), how he lends the violin (trying to remember the Waltz of an Weber opera), and how the music transmittes into a ball at his home Manor. Click for longer note.

Trumpet Concerto No. 1 (1987)

A commision for Håkan Hardenberger/Gävleborgs S.O. 1987. Other performances: Swedish Radio S.O., Gothenburg S.O., Belfast S.O.

Indri / Cave Canem (1988)

Composed for the 75´th anniversary of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm 1988. Other performances: Helsinki P.O., Peking S.O., Swedish Radio S.O., Gothenburg S.O.

Det är en ros utsprungen (Lo How a Rose is Blooming) (1988)

In the Sandström production has, as a parallel with the bigger orchestral works, led a line of simplicity. Here one can find easy pieces for voice, different instruments, or small pieces for choir. This one is built around the old Praetorius choral, and is probably the piece (besides the Motorbike Concerto) Sandström is best known for by musicians and public.

Song to Lotta (1990)

The story about the piece is presented by the composer as following: ”At the time my Motorbike Concerto began its global tour, a very close friend’s daughter Lotta, then a little girl, started to play trombone. I told her that I would write a concerto for her too as I did for Christian, when she was a little older – and if she then continued playing the instrument. I did not compose a concerto, but this piece to her birthday, for her to play and for her father to accompany.

Lotta did not continue playing trombone, but dedicated her life to other important matters, and is now working for UN in the States and other countries.”

Bombi Bitt and Nick Carter (1991)

Opera-musical built on the F. Nilsson Piraten (the very famous swedish writer) book. The Norrland Opera performed this opera 35 times during a tour all over Sweden 1994, and was also sent in Swedish Television.

Trumpet Concerto No. 2 (1993/96)

Commisioned by Malmö S.O. for Håkan Hardenberger. World premiere in 1996. Other performances: Oslo S.O., Denmark R.O., Buffalo Philh. Orch., Swedish R.O.

A Dance in the Sub-Dominant Quagmire (1994)

Was commissioned for Dan Laurin for a CD-recording in summer 1994 with Sundsvall Chamber Orchestra.. The recorder concerto is in its dancing way a sister piece to Trumpet Concerto No. 2.

My Assam Dragon (1994)

Commissioned by Swedish National Concert Institute for John-Edward Kelly and first performed in Helsinki 1995. Other performances: Swedish R. O. The piece was given the major Christ Johnson Musik Pris Fund 1998.

Ocean Child (1999)

Ocean Child was commissioned by the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra for the Composer Festival in Stockholm Concert Hall 1999 where Sandstrom was in focus. The idea of the piece came up during a stay in Thailand where the composer saw his daughter with snorkel discover the wonderful world beneath the sea surface. It is a tribute to life, to curiosity and childishness. But the piece is also a tribute to the eternal force of creativity, to what may happen if not giving up. Just like one wing beat of a Amazonas butterfly can change the weather on the northern hemisphere one week later. The piece also starts with a simple phrase on a clarinet, a small wing beat …