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Programme notes

EN HERRGÅRDSSÄGEN (A Manor Saga)(1987/2004)

A romantic TV-ballet based on the Selma Lagerlöf novel was commissioned by the Swedish Television in 1987. Won second prize at Prix Italia. In 2004 the ballet was transcribed into an orchestral piece, and premiered at Sandström's 50th birthday's festival concerts in Piteå by The Orchestra of Norrlandsoperan under the conductor Christian Lindberg.

I Blomgrens
The ballet starts as the principal character Hede hears a theater company, family Blomgren, with a blind violin player outside his student room in Uppsala, how he for the first time meets his beloved Ingrids eyes (the blind violinists daughter), how he lends the violin (trying to remember the Waltz of an Weber opera), and how the music transmittes into...

II Munkhyttan
...a ball at his home Manor. The waltz is slowly decomposing, and so is the story of Hede's home manor. Creditors is moving in and carries out furniture and paintings.

III Vinterstormen (The Winter Storm)
Hede is trying to make good business like his forefathers did to save the economy of Munkhyttan. He is bringing cheap goats from the north through the seven mile forests to sell them more expensive in the south. A winter storm kills all the goats and Hede gets insane.

IV Getabocken (The He-goat)
Hede is wandering round the countryside like a tramp people call the He-goat. Ingrid has during this time lost her father, and been adopted to a preachers family. She dies of sorrow and is waiting to be buried as Hede comes to the cemetery. He finds Ingrid's fathers violin beside the coffin.

V Ingrid
Hede starts to play the Weber waltz he played long ago but cannot remember it fully. Ingrid hears the tune and wakes up from the dead.